Welcome to VaFeltre Tours

VaFeltre Tours is a family-owned company based in both Northern Italy and Washington, DC. We are Professional Tour Guides, with years of experience working with a variety of ages and backgrounds. One of our main selling points is that we create itineraries based on what YOU want to see, instead of forcing you to follow a generic itinerary.


What really makes us special is that we come together as part of your tour package, giving you even more personalized attention. We can separate ourselves into groups, and have a pizza party with the kids, while the adults enjoy a romantic dinner in a restaurant.

Lorna Holland is from the state of Virginia, and Dante is a resident of Feltre.
They both wanted to unite their home towns, so the "VA" of "VaFeltre" comes from Virginia.


Why Feltre?


Here you can see our Nonna Giovanna. She is the main reason we started this boutique travel service, to show the beauty of this ancient town, a place our dear Nonna loved so much, the simple way of the Italian life in this part of the country.


She was one old tough old lady, with a life history you only see in the movies or read about in adventure books.

We sure miss her a bunch!

Who Runs VaFeltre?


Lorna Holland - Tour Director/Guide

With over 20 years experience in tourism in over 30 different countries, Lorna is the main tour guide of Vafeltre.com specializing in family based tours as well as large student groups.

If you have any questions regarding any upcoming tours feel free to contact her directly at Lornanpep@aol.com or call her at 571-239-3889   - I am always available to talk!

Dante  Zambrano Cassella - Tour Director/Guide

Dante is what you call a Global citizen, born in Venezuela from Italian parents, grew up in multiple countries, but makes Feltre his true home where he lived the most with his grandmother and his love for this region is what started his passion to promote this unique place. With years of experience in European & US Tours along with his wife Lorna they enjoy bringing people to discover the beauty of this city.

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