A Ceramic Shopping Trip

Visitors from all over the world come to Nove, Italy to shop in the more than 100 ceramics stores in the tiny town. Known from some of the best handcrafted ceramics in all of Italy, you can find the works in many US stores such as Williams-Sonoma, Tiffany’s, Lenox, and Macy’s. But a visit to Nove means you can purchase the beautiful ceramics at factory prices and even try your hand at bartering.


LA CERAMICA V.B.C. was founded in 1979 by Mariano Venzo, Leonardo Carollo and Giampaolo Bresolin, sons of entrepreneurs already working in the ceramics sector.

The three boys, just over twenty years old, took over an existing company, active since the '30s, which already had a rich heritage of shapes, patterns and decorations, still kept in the new factory today. In the early years the production was concentrated in the continuance of the already existing manufacturing, and then moved towards the creation of objects with a more linear design and in line with the market tastes of the time.

The productive structure is enlarged, young apprentices got hired and they will become the backbone of the company. At the end of the 80s arrived the first important contacts with the American market and CERAMICA V.B.C. begins to churn out the first completely original lines, specializing in tableware. We continue strengthening exports, participating in fairs in Italy and abroad. In addition to the United States and European countries, La Ceramica VBC reaches Japan, Australiaand, more recently, South Korea and South America.

In recent years new materials and finishes are applied to collections with a unique and original design that contributes to building an even more marked identity of the company and that leads to the creation of the company brand VBC Casa.

Today VBC Casa offers its articles with exclusive distributors all over the world and continues to be active both in the creative phase, paying attention to market trends and reworking the shapes and decorations of tradition, both in the research and experimentation phase of new materials.

The production continues to follow the artisan method of artistic ceramics, thanks to men and women with more than thirty years of experience, able to maintain the highest quality of the products and pass on their skills to the new generation.


45, Via Molini, 36055 Nove VI, Italy



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