Archaeological Area in a small town in Northern Italy

The underground archaeological area, which covers over 900 square meters under the Duomo's square, bears witness to the earliest phases of the city. Most of the witnesses kept in view belong to a residential-commercial neighbourhood of the Roman city of Feltre. In addition to the remains of private buildings, with rooms used as workshops and facing the cobbled streets, you can also see part of a large building with marble and mosaic floors, perhaps identifiable with the seat (schola) of some important professional associations that worked in the field of timber (dendrophori), of tissue (centonarii) and of other craft activities (fabri).

There are also visible evidences of later periods, reporting a new arrangement of the area after the collapse of the Roman city: a Early Medieval building (before the year 1000), probably to connect with the nearby bishopric, and a circular baptistery dated back to the late eleventh or early twelfth century.

Free guided tours are run by the “Fondaco per Feltre” Association

Tel. 0439 83879 (Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 to 10:30 )

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