Getting Back Home to Feltre

For the past decade we have tried a different airline almost every year to get back home. The reason is because of the cost and it has turned out to always be a different airline that's cheaper. After last year's experience with Turkish Airlines, I said. hm hm, No more. We fly out of Washington DC and to get to Venice using Turkish Airlines we flew 10 hours to Istanbul, then 2 and a half to Venice. I suffer from fear of flying and that flight was just too much.

I must admit though that Turkish Airlines has great service, new planes, super large screen, etc.. but when you are having constant panic attacks all that means nothing to me. And I make my wife's flight experience a living nightmare so this year I decided I didn't want to be on a plane more than 8 hours.

So we took British Airlines. 6 hours 20 min to get to London. 8 hour layover. We got a room at the Hotel Leonardo just outside the airport, slept like a baby and felt much better by the time we took the second flight to Venice.


We arrived at midnight, checked in our usual hotel next to Marco Polo airport. We normally prefer to stay in Venice the day we arrive to rest and drive home the next day just around one hour and a half.

I'm happy when I'm home. I love DC, but here is where I feel home.

Our fridge was empty of course and didn't want to visit family yet so had dinner just us at our neighbor Ristorante Alpina.

That's all I got tonight folks. Check out the pics. Getting ready for our Ladies Only Tour that Lorna will be leading in a couple of days.


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