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Lorna and I have always said to each other "we have to start our blog", that was like 6 years ago. We spend all year traveling to amazing places and never find the time to sit down and write about our experiences. Well, this is another "Let's Do it This Time!" moment. We are ready to begin and write down about places we have been, recommend, places we fell in love with, some locations we would never go back to, and more! It's been several years but what counts is that we are here now.

My name is Dante, I warn you guys that my English is really bad when it comes to writing. I apologize now, and hope this blog actually helps me out too. I am an Italo-Venezuelan from Feltre, in the province of Belluno. My wife Lorna is an American from Alexandria, Virginia. Together we formed VaFeltre, the "VA" is exactly what it is, Virginia.

So I hope you enjoy it guys! Thank you for reading this.


In Siena with my group from Colorado

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