New Health & Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our travelers is always our #1 priority and we understand travelers are concerned about traveling in the future.

We wanted to share with you the specific measures we are taking on all our tours. We are in constant contact with Health Officials, Trip Experience Leaders, as well as listening to feedback from our travelers to create and update these new health and safety protocols.

Traveler Screening Process & Safety Measures


We will always be in contact with you and provide you with specific information regarding updated safety and health measures and protocols you can expect on your adventure. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns. You can reach us any time at +1 571 239 3889

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated its security screening procedures, including increasing the distance between travelers as they enter security check points, requiring travelers to return to the area outside of security if prohibited items are found, and having travelers scan their own boarding passes.

Many airlines and airports have specific safety procedures they are following, so travelers are encouraged to check with their airline prior to their adventure and arrive at the airport early as these updated protocols will add more time to check in and security check points.


The Transportation Security Administration continues to adjust its security operations during the COVID-19 global pandemic. We established this webpage to provide resources and information to assist passengers who travel during this time.


Face Coverings & Hand Sanitizer

N95 face masks (or the equivalent in the country), gloves, and hand sanitizer will be provided to all travelers throughout the tour, however travelers can bring their own preferred face covering and hand sanitizer from home.

Small Group Size

Our itineraries have always been crafted to reap the benefits of traveling in a small group of 8-16 travelers, but this smaller size also enables us to better focus on the health and safety of our travelers during the adventure.

Our local Trip Experience Leaders are able to provide travelers with more personal “one-on-one” time and individual care and attention.

We’re able to visit and stay in off-the-beaten path destinations, rather than large cities and towns, to avoid crowds of people.

Our size also enables us to follow recommended social distancing guidelines, from traveling in vehicles at half-capacity to exploring during included features and activities.

Accommodations & Lodging

Our local regional offices have carefully selected your accommodations by city or town on our adventures because of their high standards for quality.

In some instances, we have changed accommodations or lodgings to better ensure the health and safety of our travelers. We will continue to make updates to our accommodations and lodgings as needed to ensure the highest quality of service and safety for our travelers.

Our local regional offices will contact each accommodation or lodging prior to our small group’s arrival to ensure enhanced safety and health protocols for cleaning and sanitization of rooms, public areas, and elevators have been properly followed.

Your Tour Director will contact you shortly after check in to ensure you are comfortable with the cleanliness and sanitization of your room.

The staff at all of our accommodations and lodgings will have 24/7 access to a doctor or medical staff, should medical assistance be needed.

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Local Transportation & Coaches

All local transportation and coaches will operate at approximately half the vehicle’s capacity.  All coaches will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with disinfectant before each use. The driver will have his or her temperature checked daily.

Local Restaurants

Whenever possible, meals in restaurants will be individually plated and served.

Buffet breakfasts will still be available and the dining staff will follow best health and hygiene practices to ensure food safety and prevent the spread of illness.

All adventures will feature smaller restaurants to support social distancing and whenever possible, our small group will be the only diners present during the meal.

To promote social distancing when dining in local restaurants, our group may be separated into smaller groups and each dine in a different restaurant.

Items usually shared, like bread and butter or salt and pepper, will be served to each person individually upon request.


We are a family company and we are here for you.

If you still wish to talk or ask us any questions please feel free to reach out to us. We will gladly help and answer your questions.


Lorna Holland - Tour Director/Guide

If you have any questions regarding any upcoming tours feel free to contact her directly at or call her at 571-239-3889   - I am always available to talk!